Just a Typical Friday

I’ve been pushing for impeachment for months through phone calls, emails, faxes, website forms, you name it.

Not sure that Mr. Limp has the mental capacity to resign from what I have suspected and been somewhat confirmed in the #1 best selling book. Ivanka and Melanoma may have to trick him into it. From what I have heard,
he doesn’t read anything, even what he signs. Maybe they could tell him he was putting his pen to a document declaring 2018 as the Year of the Trump. Or proclaiming him to fill the newly minted position of King of the World,
God of the Universe?

I am afraid Pence won’t be much of an improvement. The Democrats must take control of at least one of the Congressional houses in the 2018 midterms. I really don’t think the Planet can withstand 4 years of this insanity.

I hope that I am watching when Limp finally explodes, splitting his scalp and spewing barbershop sweepings everywhere.

Random Collected Thoughts

I have been deeply involved in politics my whole life, beginning with the Adlai Stevenson campaign in 1956, walking Precinct 24, York Township, Dupage County, with my parents. When JFK ran for President, I was on my own, delivering various campaign literature packets to the doors of not only the “24th”, but  also surrounding orphan precincts that my folks had adopted.

The current people occupying our offices of Government are the worst, by far, of anything I have ever seen. They seem to only care about themselves and how much wealth they can accumulate, through whatever means.

Mr. Trump’s sabotage of the ACA now lays the projected failure of the health insurance program and the loss of coverage for tens of millions of Americans, soley at the Republican Party’s feet.

Democrats stand to make huge gains at 2018’s midterm elections thanks to this incredibly horrid action.

I can hardly wait.

Mr. Limp Sold out the US sovereignty for a few rubbles and let a foreign government interfere with Our 2016 election.

Note To Cory Gardner:

I must be insane because I keep doing the same things, writing, calling and attending functions, expecting a different outcome. But keep finding a person who does not listen, who feels they are smarter than their constituents, and continues to set the rules his subjects will be forced to live by.

Again To Cory Gardner:

Your claim to be proud to represent the People of Colorado rings hollow.
No one answers the phones at your offices. At least one returns the message that the mailbox is full. “Goodbye.”
I have learned from other tenants in the building that houses your Pueblo office that your staff is on “retreat”.
You are doing the poorest job imaginable of representing “your” state.
Look forward to your defeat in 2020.


Gardner Again:

After attending the last two “Town Hall” meetings you held in Colorado, I know that no amount of logic or facts will get in the way of how you feel you must vote in the Senate “for our own good”.

While you may claim to be so much smarter than your constituents, it is the residents of Colorado who actually send you to Washington to represent us.
Those of us who show up at your little “get togethers” are the ones that are most energized and it will be us who are out knocking on doors during future election cycles.
Ignore us at your own peril.


The “Car Guys”, Click and Clack, used to present the “Weekly Puzzler” on their NPR weekend radio show. As part of that segment, some of the particulars given were meant to misdirect the listener.
From all the different, conflicting statements being emitted from different sources aligned with the White House, that at least portions of the information being fed to us has this at its end.
What the Trump White House serves up to their supporters as “red meat”, does double duty. It is also served up as “red herring” to others. Even after realizing it and commenting on it, the MSM still can’t resist the bait and go for it almost every time. We are wasting our time watching what is fed to us as “news”.
Could our Trump experience the best example of “obfuscation” ever?

Donald Trump to the World: “Kiss My Ass”

Everyday Mr. Trump repeats himself, over and over (Alzheimer’s) while telling everyone on Our Planet to “Kiss My Ass”.                                                            

This is a huge task. First one would have to work their way past the “Depends”, and then, remembering a childhood response, you would have to figure out exactly which part he was referring to. He is all Ass!                    

Polls consistently show, even going before his “election”, an approval rating in the 34 to 45 percent range in the United States. How is it that a person(?) who received 62,985,106 votes now feels that he rules the World with a population of about 7 and one half billion? With the support of well under 1% of the humanoids, he has tried to take control and is willing to kill everyone who is not an immediate family member. Unbeknownst to him, they will die also. In the end, they may be wealthy, but they will be dead.                            

His “I alone can fix it” exemplifies the total disregard he has for other people, even when they may agree with him. Trump has a multitude of ways to bring about our demise. De-escalation is a stratagem unknown to him. The only tool in his kit seems to be that of intimidation. When acting on the World Stage, the only return will be that of push back. Like road rage, if often results in someone getting hurt or dead. It is only a matter of time before one of the groups he bullies will return the favor. The list of suspects will be innumerable. Black, brown, women, muslims, the judiciary, the Intelligence Community, immigrants, the poor, the ill, the sad the loser, those with a natural hair color, and on and on. Even a large number of white men.                                        

I read about a woman from Kenya, trying to escape from Our Country, has died from hypothermia on the Canadian Border. This is not the Country of our parents, our grandparents, our youth or even a year ago. Mr. Trump is murdering people in OUR Name!                                                                                

On the World scene, he seems intent on provoking North Korea until their leader Kim Jong-Un, another figure of questionable stability and huge ego, feels trapped, the walls closing in, and he lashes out. What could go wrong? His brilliant negotiating tactics have ground Our own Government to a halt. He insults our trading partners in a way that is bad, very bad. His vitriolic rhetoric has been linked to increased intolorance and even assults/murder between peoples, here and abroad.                                                                                                   

Despite his confrontational threats, terrorist attacks have not subsided.     Meanwhile the Salt Lake City Police Department invested in de-escalation training and haven’t had an officer involved fatality in well over two years. This isn’t a “one-off”. Businesses, social and mental health workers, law enforcement agencies, employers, etc., are adopting the process of de-escalation every day. New firms step forward to offer training in this process regularly. As long as there has been life some form of compromise and “deal-making” has been used to ensure survival.                                                                                                              

Mr. Trump, the deal-maker, has decided to ignore climate change putting the Planet’s existence in peril. Only an ignorant buffoon would decide that speeding up natural forces thatwill destroy us in favor of profits is a good deal. Is there really 34 to 45 percent of Americans that don’t believe in science? Are there that many people that put money ahead of survival? Even if there are, should they be allowed to make what could be a devastating decision for the rest of the World? This isn’t even the 1% that control most of the wealth, as many of them have turned of Trump when it comes to the environment. This is the 1% that are so totally ignorant I am surprised they manage to survive day by day.                                                                                

Then there is also the question of health. Trump and his disciples seem to believe that only the wealthy are entitled to adquate health care. From the budget proposals, it can be argued that is also the way they feel about housing and food. Are they so short sighted as to have not given any thought as to who is going to take away the bodies of the deceased? Do they envision a giant “Roomba” that will leave it’s charging station and scoop-up the carcasses for disposal elsewhere?And what happens when “elsewhere” is full-up?                                                                                                                        

This is the most short sighted administration of all times. Trump has never been able to thinkpast the end of his dick. Just look into his life story. It has been obvious from the very start of his privileged, spoiled life. From his imaginary wealth to his Playboy image, Hugh Hefner actually had him on the cover of his magazine, this waste of matter has always been an embarrassment to the human race. Unless we remove him from office, he will kill us all. It will be, by definition, murder in the first degree.                    Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear destruction may be the most painless way to go, if you get lucky enough to get taken out in the first strike.                                         

I wonder what happened to my old catcher’s mitt?                                                                                              

The Monsters We Create

Like an extended road trip, most everyone gets a turn at the wheel. They get to choose, within certain limits, where and when to stop for fuel, both for the vehicle and the bodies being carried. When to take a rest break. Which roads to travel, scenic or interstate? Where to eat, fast food or a “sit down”? Where to buy fuel, price or services? At one time or another we all regret the turn we chose. Flat tire on a deserted road. Botulism. Filthy restrooms.
Currently, in Our Country, many people are having problems with decisions made last November. Of course, that will always be true. “Elections have consequences.” The people on the loosing side are hardly ever happy. Why would they be?
But this same act of “choosing” extends to the more mundane, everyday choices we make. Downtown died when the Mall was built on the outskirts. The same shopping center passed away when the “Big Box” stores came to town. Now they are struggling to compete with the “Internet Machine”.
Our choices are reflected in which products and services are available to us locally. It has become near impossible to pick up the item you want or need with a quick trip to town. You can either buy what they have on the shelf, which many times leads to “settling” for something different than what you wanted, or ordering it and paying shipping costs. That may lead to another trip to pick up the item, or just bite the bullet, buy it on-line and get free(?) shipping. The local vendor complains about not being able to compete with internet sellers. They can no longer afford to keep merchandise in their store, which leads to more on-line sales, which leads to less local availability, and on and on. The manufacturer or warehouse doesn’t care about the local brick and mortars, a sale is a sale. Makes no difference to their bottom line as long as a sale is made.
I was talking to a sales associate at a once formidable retailer a while back. He told me that they are constantly reminded that they must compete with Amazon. No one can do that. They need to stake out a piece of the retail where they are more experienced, can offer a good if not superior product, and then defend and expand that base. They really don’t need to have the lowest price. They just need to provide exceptional service, something on-line retailers can’t do. When dealing over the internet, if your lucky, they’ll let you send it back for another and maybe even pay the freight.  You’re still back to square one. Need the product and hoping UPS will deliver a replacement that will work. Our local stores sell inferior products so they can compete price wise, if they stock it at all.
It wasn’t that long ago that you would go to buy, and pick-up what you wanted. Maybe it took visiting more than one store, but more often than not you went home with the product, plugged it in, and voila, all was good. Now you order it and hope for the best. Personally, I like being able to see and feel what I am buying most of the time. That way I know what I am getting. I know what it feels like, what it looks like, and if it will fit. 
We did this to ourselves and I am as guilty as anyone for creating this monster. In reality, I felt that I just didn’t have the time to physically go and get what I wanted. I was working way too many hours, traveling too many miles for that work, and I actually thought that I was saving money. In the end, after calculating the returns, the problems encountered when attempting to making the on-line purchases work, I hardly ever saved money and time. Now when I try to make a purchase in person, nobody stocks what I want. If I really feel that I need it, I am forced to order and hope for the best. I now have a house, garage, and dumpster full of things that did not work, were a piece of junk not worth installing, or just plain wrong that are not worth the investment of time and money to return or are “not returnable”.  And everyday our choices are further limited as evidenced through all the empty storefronts.
We don’t have to accept the world as envisioned by Amazon, Jet and eBay. I have recently added to my long list of “causes” to buy at locally owned and operated stores. The initial monetary costs may be slightly higher, but it is more than offset by the free “therapy” of actually talking to a real live person, face to face. It has freed me from the isolation that is imposed by “living” on-line. I am able to meet and talk to many different people that is impossible over the internet. Communication problems are all but eliminated. If I have difficulties explaining what I am looking for, I can draw a picture or show them an example taken from their own shelves. So far, my new approach has been working out well. I am making headway on projects that have been put off for years because I didn’t want to order the wrong thing and then find the space to store it for eternity. 

Everybody…Under The Bus

When Trump said “There is no collusion – certainly myself and my campaign – but I can always speak for myself and the Russians – zero”,    did he just throw everybody else under the bus? Of course the answer is “Yes”.
The way he discards people should not make anyone working with or around him feel very secure. I certainly would not want to work for the the guy.
The total count of people who got jail sentences after Watergate was 48. Their boss, Richard Nixon, was not among them. When Republicans confronted Mr. Nixon with evidence that conclusively showed his participation in the coverup, at the least, he resigned. Nixon was spared prosecution when his chosen successor, Gerald Ford, pardoned him.  I am certain that Pence will do the same for Trump.                                                  That Russia interfered with Our 2016 elections is fake news made up by the Democrats to excuse their loss. That it continues to be an issue is all the fault of that “nut-job” James Comey. Trump has said that he is doing a fantastic job and blames White House Communications for their inability to get that message out to the American People. He is never wrong. He claims to be a very smart guy who is the only one capable of fixing all of our problems.                                                                                                                        Now that law enforcement wants to talk to his son-in-law, I have to wonder how much longer it will be before Trump sits all alone on that bus. Luckily it is not a huge cross country bus. It is one of those little buses for special people.

Applause For A Clapper

I agree with former director of national intelligence James Clapper. He told CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday that American democratic institutions are under assault both externally and internally. Many have already stated that Russia interfered with our 2016 elections, nothing new there. Few have come right out and accused Mr. Trump of attacking the Country he is supposed to be defending. When asked whether the internal assault was coming from Trump, he replied “Exactly”. Not much obfuscation there. Later on ABC, he said that the Russians have to consider the firing of Comey a yet another victory.

A few days ago Trump was telling everybody that would listen that Mr. Clapper had determined that “there is no collusion” when speaking about his campaign and Russia. Clapper has refuted that characterization.
Now we learn that Trump has given classified information to Russians while they were visiting his office. The whole visit is somewhat suspect. He only allowed the Russian press to cover the meeting. Of course, he has the authority to “declassify” material instantly, just by divulging it, he has done so. I imagine some of our allies will just be thrilled by his total lack of any thought process when it comes to stoking his ego. “I have the best intelligence in the World. It is so much better than anybody else’s. Why just today they told me…” Fill in the blank. His braggadocios behavior is yet another indication of how immature he is. I am sure that he has the best, the most beautiful, the greatest, the biggest, and on and on. He must be removed. Then he can brag about him having the shortest.


Just Donald being Donald. Just Trump being Trump.

So…at just over 100 days in to what may turn out to be the longest four years in Our Earth’s history, we have Trump admitting in an interview with a purveyor of “fake news” that he has obstructed justice with the firing of James Comey. While speaking with Lester Holt he admitted that he was thinking(?) of “this Russia thing” when he decided to fire the head of the FBI. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see the obstruction in this act. Of the three articles of impeachment filed against Richard Nixon, “Obstruction” was the first. In yet another link to Nixon’s resignation, trump has now suggested that he may have been recording conversations by tweeting “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”  I fail to see how this can not be considered obstruction of justice.
At the very least it is witness intimidation, and in either case it should be throughly and independently investigated.
How much longer will the Republican Congress force us to endure this failed Presidency?
How much longer will we put up with a President who has NO respect for the rule of law? Who feels that he is above and better than everyone else? That because he is President, anything he does is legal?
And w hat about the 38% or so that think he is doing a good job? How brain dead are these people? Are they so focused on their single issue that they really don’t care if the World disintegrates?  Is their hatred of certtain peoples so strong that they a willing to let the cockroaches have it all back? Has anyone even asked the roaches if they want it back after man has had his way?  Have they NO idea what the Constitution is all about?
The promises he made during the campaign have been relegated to the trash bin, his spokespeople admitting that those statements were made while wearing a different hat, a campaign hat. He is now wearing his President’s hat.

Just Donald being Donald. I don’t recall Nixon wearing a hat.

The 100 Day War

The United States has managed to somehow survive over 100 days of non-stop terrorist attacks, not from the “Radical Muslims” cited time and time again during last years election campaigns, but from the Terrorist-In-Chief. One of his latest targets was astounding. The problems with Our Country are with The Constitution! “It’s an archaic system…It’s really a bad thing for the country.” It seems as though the checks and balances built into the system, that keep him from being a total dic(k)tator are to blame for his poor performance and historically low ratings.

This is the same Constitution to which he swore “will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Now it is inconvenient. It stands in the way of his absolute power. He wants to be able to turn it off and on at his will. He appointed an “Originalist” to the Supreme Court. In that case The Constitution is good. It should be strictly interpreted as it was written in what is now those “archaic” times. That the Courts and Congress are keeping his power in check, it is bad. 

People’s Climate March

With The People’s Climate March just a few days away, April 29, 2017, it is important that everyone able to, should participate. We need a response that our so-called leaders can not ignore. Even if the weather is not fit for a picnic in the park, dress approprietly and March. Remember to bring Your Loud Voice.

Trump is intent on giving everything away to the corporations that already rule Our Planet. His latest “Executive Order” requiring a review of dozens of national parks and monuments is yet another sign of where he would like to take us. Couple this with the gifting of Public Lands to the extraction industries, his “tax reform”, his rollback of environmental protections, plans for health care, andon and on. 

We the People have very few choices but to Resist this poor excuse for a human. Show up at local events and join with other like minded to oppose his never ending threats to Our Planet’s existence. We, The Resistance Must Never give up. So go out and get yourself some comfortable shoes, assign Your Senator’s and Representative’s phone numbers a speed dial short cut, contact them using their web page or email. Use, and donate to Resistbot. Attend their “Town Hall” meetings, ask questions and demand answers. Do everything you can to stop, or at least slow down the the insanity that is taking control of Our Country, Our Planet, Our Lives,