Even Waking Up Is Harder

Doing the right thing is hardly ever easy. Our lives, from the moment of waking to navigate the day, to the last moments of consciousness before falling asleep, is comprised of but one decision after another. For those of us who truly believe in equality and fairness, the choices we make become more difficult by the minute, even affecting what was once a very routine and automatic undertaking.

The very first thing I do when I wake, like hundreds of millions of others, is to brew coffee. And like most, I have a favorite brand that I have used for decades. As an addict, I make it a point to never run out of my favorite fix. This had not been a problem until just recently.

I have found out that the grocery store I have also used for decades, has set as a goal, the elimination of human jobs. They have taken the first step in this process by doubling the number of self service checkout stations during a recent extensive remodeling. I have also read that this same grocery chain has plans to totally eliminate the use of people in the checkout process in around thirty-five of its Colorado stores before the end of the year. This will mean the installation of surveillance equipment capable of recording every person’s every move in and around the store.

If that doesn’t creep you out, also consider that those people you have interacted with on a regular basis, even becoming “friends” with some, will now be out of a job. Not to worry though, with any luck, they will end up with a waitstaff position, minimun wage set at $2.35/hour, with management and the Limp administration trying to steal their tips.  Do you think that any of the savings from job elimination will go to the surviving employees? Do you believe in Unicorns and Fairies? How about Leprechauns?

So,what does this have to do with my morning cup of Joe? Like I said, even waking up is harder.

My new grocer does not carry my brand so I had to start looking for another dealer. Wasn’t much of a problem…at first. I found it at the site of a major retailer and happily ordered a month’s supply. The service was good. The price was good. Life was good. My supply dwindled and it was nearing replenishment time.

Then came the Parkland murders. I know which side I am on in these situations. I don’t understand how anyone can not be on the same side. And I always go full-on. Letter writing, phone calls, pickets, and, of course, boycotts.

I first found that my last supplier would not guarantee me that FedEx would not be used to ship my purchases. I then went to the manufacturer’s web page to see if I could order directly from them. While I was able to, I also found them boasting that they “Exclusively” used FedEx for shipping. Now, unless they become woke, my decades of dependance will profit someone else.

While this may seem like such a minor problem, it is meant to exemplify that for a dedicated activist, every decision must be researched and weighed. In today’s World, a seemingly minor decision, when made ethically, can take days. In the end, I will sleep better.

Hope there is a good cup of coffee waiting when I awake.