Damned To Hell

Hell, I’m sure we can all agree, is not a desirable place to hang out. It is also not a “spiritual realm” of constant suffering. It is able to exist right here, on the terra firma of planet Earth. I can, without a doubt, state that we have arrived.

While the fictional model is often filled with fire, the bouquet of sulfur and perpetual punishment, the actual hell is populated by hate and suffering, broken promises, and outright lies. And this is where we find ourselves…by choice.

I was beyond surprised when I recently saw the polling results concerning the well documented (and unchallenged) falsehoods being told by Mr. Limp and his surrogates. Over one-third of those interviewed thought the lies were brilliant strategy.

So parents, next time you catch your child telling a little fib about who made the mess in the bathroom, who left their dirty clothes scattered about instead of in the hamper, who released the parking brake on the car that rolled out into traffic and caused a multi-car pile-up, do not bring up the fairy tale that lying will send them to hell. They should be encouraged and rewarded for the wonderful plan of action they have choosen to take them forward in life. If they are a skillful enough deceiver, they could grow up to be President.